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Mission & Vision

Why We're Here for You

Life can be rough at times - relationships, parenting, finances, careers, health. All tough to navigate, let alone master. We're here to help.

Jesus showed the world a way to live, fully and freely as we were meant to be. His Way leads to meaning and purpose, rest and refreshment, peace and joy. We'd love to share His Way with you.


Our Mission is to glorify God in all that we do to raise and nurture an ever-expanding community of believers for meaningful fellowship, worship, equipping and service to others.


Our vision is to lead this generation into a deep and transformational relationship with Jesus, and to live in a caring and genuine community reflecting His love, mercy, hope and healing into our homes, neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces.


To reach our Vision, with God's power and grace, we commit to:

  • Developing joyful, meaningful and caring relationships for encouragement, accountability, and prayer.
  • Nurturing a culture of mentoring to strengthen individuals, marriages, families, and leaders.
  • Engaging our community by serving them, working alongside them, and sharing God’s message of hope and forgiveness with warmth and acceptance.
  • Equipping believers to become more like Christ by being grounded in His Teachings and filled with His Spirit.