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COVID-19 Safety Plan


For Visitors, here are the steps for you to follow: 

  • Call ahead if you need to meet with someone in particular
  • Wear a mask if possible
  • Use a hand sanitizing station (there's one on the left and right lobby walls)
  • Sign the Guest Log on the table by the Office window (we are required to track everyone who enters the building)

Thank you in advance for following these important steps. 

For Employees, here's what you need to know:

In accordance with instructions from WorkSafeBC, Northside Community Church has created this COVID-19 Safety Plan.  This is an evolving document that will be reassessed whenever further direction is released by the BCCDC, BC Ministry of Health, and WorkSafeBC.  A copy of this plan will remain posted in the office, on the church website, and be reviewed and signed by all employees.  Oversight for following this plan by the staff will be given by the Lead Pastor.

 Employees Must Stay Home If:

  • They have had any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days.  Symptoms include fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscle aches or headache.
  • They are directed by Public Health to self-isolate.
  • They have arrived from outside of Canada or have had contact with a person confirmed as a COVID-19 case and was required to self-isolate for 14 days and monitor symptoms.

 If an Employee Becomes Sick at Work:

  • The sick employee will report to the Lead Pastor, or whomever is on duty in his absence.
  • The sick employee will wash or sanitize their hands, be given a mask, and will go straight home.
  • If the employee is severely ill, call 911.
  • After the employee leaves, clean and disinfect any surfaces that the ill employee may have been in contact with. 

 Building Access for Employees

  • Employees are encouraged to not enter the building at the same time.  Let the employee ahead of you enter the building prior to you approaching the door.  Avoid crowding at the entry by maintaining the physical distancing requirement to keep at least 2 meters apart.
  • Whenever an employee enters the building, the hand sanitizer provided in the foyer must be used.
  • Signs will remain posted on the front door indicating that employees, contractors, or visitors exhibiting COVID-like symptoms are not allowed to enter the building.


  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes will be available at each workstation.
  • Each workstation should be equipped with its own phone, stapler, tape dispenser, pens, scissors, etc.  Try not to share equipment if at all possible. If equipment must be shared, sanitize it afterward.
  • Employees are welcome to speak to the Lead Pastor to explore work from home options.
  • If office attendance is required, workers must work at least two meters apart. If you have to work closer than 2 meters apart, you must wear a mask.
  • Due to the office to employee ratio, barriers are not required between workstations.
  • Where possible, cancel in-person meetings and hold meetings by teleconference, video conference, or email instead.

 Communal Spaces


  • Each office has a maximum capacity of 2 persons.  Please hold all meetings in a larger, more appropriate room.
  • The office hallway is a narrow communal pathway.  As such, only one employee should navigate the hallway at one time.
  • Employees should eat at their desk if they are having lunch at the church.  Shared lunch space is discouraged.
  • Only one person may use the photocopier/paper cutter area at one time, and it should be wiped down after use. If it is possible to use this station after the Church Secretary has left for the day, please do so.
  • Reusable cups should be removed from the coffee station and replaced with single use cups or bring your own cup from home and take it home to wash it.
  • During this time, employees are required to bring their own dishes and silverware.
  • Communal foods are not to be provided or consumed.
  • Refrigerator closet door is to be left ajar to reduce contact with the door handle.
  • Office hallway door is to be left ajar to reduce contact with the door handle.
  • Shared equipment is to be cleaned and disinfected after each use with a provided disinfectant wipe.


  • There is a maximum of one person in a washroom at a time.
  • Washrooms will be stocked with liquid soap and paper towels.
  • Employees are required to wash their hands with warm soap and water after using the washroom.
  • Employees are encouraged to use hand sanitizer after exiting the washroom.  Sanitizer can be found in the foyer and in your office.
  • Employees are encouraged to use paper towels to turn off the taps and open the door.
  • WorkSafeBC hand hygiene posters will be installed in the washrooms.          

Main Hallway

  • Do not congregate in the main hallway for conversations.         


  • The kitchen will be closed to groups for food and beverage preparation at this time.
  • If a staff member uses the kitchen, they must disinfect anything that they used in the kitchen.
  • Cloth rags are to be removed because of the inability to launder them on site.

 Meeting Space Maximum Occupancy

  • Foyer = 6 people
  • Sanctuary = 50 people
  • Staff Offices = 2 people each
  • Multipurpose Room/Library = 6 People
  • Gym = 40 people
  • Kitchen = currently closed
  • Gym Classrooms = currently closed
  • Annex = 6 people
  • Room Occupancy signage will remain on the doors of the rooms.

Driving Policy

  • Due to physical distancing guidelines, only those who reside in the same household may travel together in the same vehicle.

Outside Visitors

  • The front door should remain open from the time staff arrives until the time that the staff leaves in order to cut down on the use of the door handle.
  • If required, visits to the workplace should be prearranged, staggered, and safety protocols should be communicated before entry into the workplace via email and posted on the front door. (masks should be worn, use hand sanitizer on arrival, sign the visitor log)
  • When booking appointments, visitors should be reminded to reschedule if they experience any symptoms of illness or are placed on self-isolation.
  • Minimize non-essential in-person interaction between workers and visitors (e.g., use of virtual meeting tools, email, or telephone).
  • If in-person meetings are necessary, please hold them in the appropriately sized room. (see room occupancy limits) Employees are encouraged to open window and doors to increase ventilation where possible.
  • After the meeting takes place, any high touch areas such as the table, door handles and chair handles should be wiped down with disinfectant. 
  • Beverages (coffee, tea, water) will not be offered at this time.
  • A marked trash can in the foyer will be used for visitors to dispose of used sanitizing wipes and other personal protective equipment. 


  • The table outside of the Church Secretary’s window will have a posted sign designating it as the delivery area.
  • Request contactless delivery to maintain physical distancing requirement. This option may be limited if signing or proof of receipt is required. (If contactless delivery cannot be achieved, the staff receiving the delivery should be provided with a mask if they would like one)

Facility Cleaning Guidelines

  • Use the appropriate PPE while cleaning.
  • Please make sure that your PPE ends up in a garbage receptacle.
  • Washrooms must be cleaned daily if there are employees or visiting groups in the building.
  • High contact areas must be cleaned daily
    • By Janitorial Staff
      • Door handles and plates
      • Light switches
      • Alarm keypad
      • Hallway phone
      • Soap dispensers
      • Sinks
      • Sink taps
      • Bathroom Countertops
      • Hand sanitizer dispensers
      • Paper towel dispensers
    • Office Staff
      • Photocopier
      • Paper cutter
      • Office Coffee Machine
      • Hallway refrigerator
      • Hallway microwave
      • Hallway water cooler
      • Office supplies
      • Office Phones
    • For disinfection, common, commercially available disinfectants such as ready-to-use disinfecting wipes and pre-made solutions (no dilution needed) can be used. Use the figure and table below for guidance. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the bottle.
    • If household or commercial disinfectant cleaning products are not available, hard surfaces can be disinfected using a mixture of 5 mL of bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite) and 250 mL of water. Test surfaces before using a bleach solution. Bleach can be corrosive.
    • Do not mix Bleach with other cleaners as the result could be toxic.
    • Be careful using alcohol-based cleaners on the keyboards as it will slowly break down anything that is rubber or a soft composite.
    • Conducting Disinfection of Common Areas:
      • Use disposable cloths.
      • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the product you are using.
      • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) (i.e. latex or nitrile gloves, as directed by the manufacturer of the disinfectant).
      • Make sure the surface to be disinfected is visibly clean. Clean visibly soiled surfaces with soap and water before disinfecting.
      • Apply the selected disinfectant for the first time on a clean and dry disposable. Ensure the cloth is saturated with the disinfectant before treating the touch points identified above. Reapply the disinfectant to the cloth as needed.
      • Apply the selected disinfectant on the surface to leave a visible film.
      • Allow the surface to air dry. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding drying time.
      • Reapply the selected disinfectant to keep the cloth damp when cleaning surfaces.
      • Disposable clothes should be changed when visibly soiled.
    • Disinfection of Touch Points Using bleach solution:
      • Use a disposable cloth.
      • Even a mild bleach solution can be corrosive to certain surfaces. If using a bleach solution, first do a review of the surfaces being treated to determine if bleach will have any adverse effects on the surface. If unsure, test the solution on a variety of surfaces before fully implementing. Continue to monitor as surfaces are treated.
      • Follow steps in the previous section, use the bleach solution instead of the disinfectant to dampen the cloth.
      • Apply the disinfectant on the surface.
      • Allow the surface to air dry.
      • Wipe the surface down with a dry cloth to remove the remaining bleach residue on the surface with a disposable cloth.
      • Reapply the bleach solution to keep the cloth damp when cleaning surfaces.
      • Disposable clothes should be changed when visibly soiled

Groups Using the Facility

  • All groups using the facility must follow all COVID-19 Safety Policies in this document.
  • Some guidelines are:
    • o Follow check-in process (everyone who attends must be accounted for and provide a way to contact them)
    • o Must use own equipment
    • o Must wipe down high contact surfaces that they used, such as but not limited to door handles and plates, chair arms, light switches, alarm pad, washrooms, tables, etc. using disinfecting wipes.
    • o Physical distancing guidelines must be followed (people of separate households must be able to remain 2 meters apart inside of the church, and on church property.
    • o The kitchen is closed at this time
    • o Food and beverage service is not allowed at this time.

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