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Clothing Exchange "Lydia's Closet"

WE're BAck and We've Expanded!


Free used clothing and household items provided to anyone in need. 

Date:  Every other Tuesday on Food Bank days - see street sign for dates.

Time: Every other Tuesday 10:00 am - 12:00 noon.

Location: Located at the back of the auditorium, enter from parking lot.

Contact: Betty Coombes

This free exchange has various sizes and ages, including clothing for babies and tots as well as toys, cribs, strollers or whatever you might need for the little one. If it isn’t there this week, it might be next week so keep checking back to see what has come in.  You can also drop off your goods when they are outgrown for another to use.

There is also clothing for adults as well as small housewares and linens as donated. 

Our name "Lydia's Closet" comes from the references to Lydia in the New Testament.  She was a woman who dealt in purple cloth, a luxury product in ancient times, and was a worshipper of God.  She is remembered for her generous hospitality to the Apostle Paul and Silas, in opening her home when they were released from prison. 

Lydia's Closet is an expression of hospitality to our community.

Our purpose is to encourage you, not only by providing you with some of the necessities of life, but also to allow you to experience the love of Christ. Volunteers are invited to assist.