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Privacy Policy


Northside Community Church is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of its church family and fully complies with Canadian Privacy legislation (Personal Information Protection Act/PIPA).

The three main concerns of data privacy are:

  1. What is collected
  2. How is it stored
  3. Who has access to it

In Summer 2020 Northside Community Church adopted an electronic database (Sunergo Church Tools/NCOL Ministries) for better church-wide record keeping. Within the database, we store basic profile information and keep track of ministry involvement/serving, historical giving, and event attendance. It allows for more effective management of documentation and registration, volunteer management (i.e. criminal record management for children's ministries), as well as eventually facility bookings etc.

By attending Northside Community Church and/or its programs, an individual consents to collection, use and disclosure of personal data, in order to properly support and care for them.

Wherever possible, we will attempt to collect personal data directly from the individual/head of household. This can happen through issuing offering envelopes/donor numbers, online giving, member application, visitor cards, registration for an event, and previously distributed church directories. In this case, consent is implicit (Sec 8 (1) PIPA) as the purpose of collection will be obvious to a reasonable person. (Sec 10). If not possible to collect the information directly from the person, we may obtain the information in other ways.

How is the data stored?

To safeguard your personal information and protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data, we implement SSL security wherever personal information is input such as giving pages. Sunergo Church Tools is a Canadian owned and operated organization, and all data is stored within Canada. We have done our due diligence to ensure your data is a secure as possible. Electronic record keeping, when it is password protected and encrypted, is a more secure way than manual record keeping. It also allows us more centralized data storage which is accessible outside church office hours. 

Who has access to the information?

Within Sunergo Church Tools access can be restricted to certain areas. For example, the Children's & Family Ministries coordinator will not have access to any giving information. Generally speaking: the most restricted access is any offering information. Aside from this, Pastors & admin staff, Elders & Deacons and key volunteers will have access to their areas of ministry. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations.

We will never distribute or disclose your information, including your email, to any outside party, except if required by law. Personal information is only collected for ministry purposes.

Should a printed church directory be published, we will request specific permission for such an occasion.

At any time, you can request access to the information we have stored about you, as well as request removal of your information (except where record keeping is required by law, i.e. financial record keeping for tax receipt purposes).  

Northside Community Church will only retain personal information as long as it is needed for the purposes for which it was collected or consented to. We will maintain reasonable schedules to ensure that personal information is reviewed on an ongoing basis to determine relevance and if retention is required.

For any questions and concerns, you may contact the privacy officer at Northside Community Church by writing to info@wearenorthside.com , attention: Privacy Officer.  The appointed privacy officer oversees implementation and compliance of this privacy policy.

Please check back as this policy may be updated from occasionally with minor changes. Please contact us regarding any questions or concerns.

To access the Personal Information Protection Act, please click here.