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Our Vision

At Northside, we call ourselves a Community church. This is because we believe all people have been created by community and for community. God exists eternally as community: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And He created human beings to live within His community, enjoying the love, joy, and peace of perfect relationship with Him.

Tragically, we turned our backs on that identity and purpose for our lives, choosing instead to live a life of independence from the One who made us. As a result, our loving relationship with God was broken. But Jesus descended from Community with God, breaking into our world to invite those who would follow Him, back into relationship within the Community of God. It was His life, His death, and His resurrection that made this restored community possible!

In accomplishing these things, Jesus, renewed that original invitation. We see this in Jesus’ words, “Come, follow me” (Matthew 4:19).

Life as a follower of Jesus therefore is about accepting this invitation into the Community of God and living out the implications of a life spent moment by moment in relationship with Him.

We at Northside have chosen to express this as Pursuing Jesus in Community. As we accept Jesus’ invitation to follow him, he leads us into community. In fact, he leads us into 3 Communities:

Primarily, Jesus leads us into Community with God. But as we are caught up within the Community of God along with other followers of Jesus, we are also naturally drawn into Community with One Another. And because the Community of God is one of loving relationship, Community with One Another is defined by the same love and unity that is shared between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

And when we pursue Jesus in loving God and loving One Another, this love overflows, and we become a Community for the World, serving our neighbours and inviting them to be transformed by a loving relationship with God.